Precious Plastic

Humans have made a lot of plastic, and so much of that becomes waste after a single use. This has caused a massive problem all over the planet, even in places where humans almost never go…

Polar and deep ocean ecosystems are affected, islands of plastic circulate in remote ocean locations, beaches on uninhabited islands are awash with plastic trash.

With ‘good’ management, many single-use household plastics currently go to landfill. But landfill isn’t really a solution if we consider the UN sustainable development goals, which are about taking care of this amazing planet for future generations.

Who’s leading this enterprise?

Precious Plastic Tauranga is part of a global, open-source enterprise comprising a range of innovative machines for small-scale plastic recycling. EnviroHub Bay of Plenty have invested in this start-up social enterprise to help equip the workshop for shredding and remaking plastic into new products.

The ReMaker Space has provided maker workspace so that in 2021 we now have an operational workshop, collection point and community engagement hub.