Care Group

Kotukutuku Gully Restoration

We are a small group who have been involved in opening up the gully area with planing over 2000 trees. We are now working to try to keep the area weed free while the trees grow! There is also a good walking track of 1.2km through the gully.

Maketu volunteers help maintain this beautiful walkway through Maketu village.
This group organises and manages the care and quality of gully life.
Traditionally The Gully was a pathway to the estuary at Little Waihi in peacetime or a way for Maori warriors to get behind their attacking enemy seeking to capture the pa on Okurei Point. Rongoa (medicinal plants) were gathered from the native plants in this area.
Our goal is to make sure the Rongoa plants remain and The Gully can be enjoyed by the community.


Lauri Russell


1 Hapimana Road, Maketu 3189