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Kaharoa Kokako Trust

We are a group of volunteers crazy about kokako. By reducing the number of possums and rats in Kaharoa forest, we have helped kokako numbers to grow.

As a result of our pest management, Kaharoa is now home to one of the largest and most significant kokako populations in New Zealand.
We are a community-based organisation and a registered charitable trust.
If you'd like to support our great work, you can send a donation via
We are building up a "Kokako Nest Egg", which is an investment fund that will enable us to go on protecting kokako long into the future. All donations to our Nest Egg are tax deductable in New Zealand.
We are grateful to our wonderful supporters, Chalkydigits ( and PF Olsen Ltd (, who are helping to build our Nest Egg fund.
We also get heaps of support for our pest control operations from the Department of Conservation and Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
Together we are making a huge difference to kokako.


Sue Williams


Kapukapu Road Hamurana 3096