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Laura commented 2 years ago

Last week 324 people attended the Mauao Performing Arts Centre to take part in the panel discussion on Tiny Houses. Tiny houses by virtue of their size are eco-friendly; if you choose environmentally friendly materials for their construction, they become environmental super heroes. Tiny houses come in various styles and sizes (from xxxs to s) and can be as beautiful as much as they are functional. Tiny houses are allowing people the opportunity to live mortgage free, and off grid, either individually, or with like minded individuals. The tiny house movement has big plans to change the way we live in line with the demands that are placed on our money and environment. The need to look at alternatives to the existing housing model has never been more pressing; with traditional home ownership in many parts of the country out of reach for many individuals, and renting not even an affordable option for many people. Rethinking how we live needs to be addressed, and tiny houses which are small but perfectly formed may be part of the solution for some people…

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Cole Burmester replied 2 years ago

The tiny houses movement is definitely a great alternative to the traditional way of thinking. But it would also require a shift in Council policy and processes to initiate. I’m keen to also hear from others who have experience with tiny house developers. It’d be great to see the features of tiny houses built into “medium” houses that are between 50 – 100m2 in area, compared to houses that are 150m2+ in size. Any recommendations on sustainable living solutions (tiny to medium sized) that are actually affordable to construct?