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Gordon.Gold commented 3 years ago

Not able to upload avatar via  ‘Edit my Profile’.
Company is Nickname. Nickname is Company.
Thread to provide guide to using the forum. Requirement.
Thread for input on categories. Highly recommended.
Mission Statement. Mandatory.

Tania Bramley Staff replied 3 years ago

Great, thanks for letting us know Mr Gold, It’s still all shiny and new to us too, and the odd gremlin appears to be present… I’ll investigate these issues with our Forum provider… 🙂

TaniaBramley replied 3 years ago

Why does it say Tania Bramley posted this response?

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Gordon.Gold replied 3 years ago


Incorrect Time – Misleading


Gordon.Gold replied 3 years ago

Although this was just posted. The site incorrectly states that this was posted 12 hours ago.
When inserting this image the submit form then become unusable.