annie commented 3 years ago

‘Single use’ plastic bags are a problem in our landfills, pollute our coastlines and have an adverse effect on marine life. A Stuff article in Dec 2015 sited 30 countries and 170 states (including half of those in Australia) have either banned or imposed a levy on plastic bags. Why isnt NZ doing this too? The Greens have proposed a 15c levy on ‘single use’ plastic bags. The proposal follows the UK and Irish models which, when introduced last year, reduced plastic bag consumption by 85-90% in the first 6 months. A small levy, 5c may be enough, to get people thinking and talking about how they use resources while providing them with the simple solution of reusable bags will not only reduce the use of plastic bags but also promote awareness around minimising waste and the environment.

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Gordon.Gold replied 3 years ago

The Solution could be as Easy as – stop single use plastic.
But as we are in an transitioning period towards our regenerative future.
Here is a great Local Movement, which I spotted the other day down at Red Square
Boomerang Bags
Peace be with you always

annie replied 3 years ago

Thanks Gordon,
What a great concept, a fantastic name and just in time for the summer when we have lots of visitors to the city. I see the bags can be borrowed from and returned to Red Square Tauranga.