The Hydrohub is a portable water dispensing unit that can be used to supply water at events or for civil defence purposes. It is 2.1 metres wide x 3.1 metres long (plus drawbar).

The unit has a 750 litre tank and is mounted on a trailer, which allows it to be towed to and from event locations. The water is easily refilled via a garden hose connection, and is double filtered to ensure purity.

Every tank full of water that is used will typically save 1500 plastic bottles from going into the waste stream – sometimes into recycling, commonly into rubbish bins, and often just left as litter.

The Hydrohub has a photovoltaic solar power system, which is used to power the pump and also to supply electricity to the DVD player, stereo system, and mobile/MP3 charging unit.

Please see letter below for explanation on why the Hub is currently unavailable! 

8 December 2017

To whom it may concern

Thank you for your enquiry for the use of the Hydrohub (HH) for the 2017/18 summer season.

Unfortunately due the reasons set out below we are unable to provide the Hydrohub until a new one is built, all going well, in early March 2018.

The Sustainable Endeavours Charitable Trust wishes to apologise for any inconvenience this causes and we hope that you will understand and continue to use the HH2 when it is available.

The background story…

Earlier this year it came to our attention the HH was in need of some serious maintenance after its 7 years in community service. The Trustees made the decision to decommission the unit and invest in a new design rather than spend a substantial amount on the original prototype which also had some design features that could be greatly improved in a new model. HH2 will be a lighter unit, so more easily transported and set up. It  will be able to be reproduced and serviced which means we will be able to fulfil the many enquiries we have received to supply units to other parts of the country.

To bank roll the new build we needed to sell the covered trailer and although we have advertised extensively unfortunately it has failed to sell. Our prospective funding providers require a 50% contribution from us before we can apply for funding and the decision on that funding is not until late February. That said any solutions to our dilemma would be welcomed (the total amount we need to get production underway is approx $20k) and here is the listing of the old trailer just in case you may know someone who could use such a unit and wishes to support this charitable endeavour.  

We have finalised the HH2 design and have a local manufacturer lined up and are just waiting to press the go button; we would then expect that 4-6 weeks later we would have HH2 on the road and back into service.

Once again we apologise for the inconvenience and hope you are able to find an interim solution to the provision of free water at your event.

For further information or offers of help please contact:

Karen Summerhays (SECT Trustee)  


Hydrohub pic - final