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Regional Environment Network Sessions

September 14, 2020 - September 21, 2020

Join Envirohub and NZ Landcare Trust to connect, be inspired and learn about the fantastic work happening in our region and the exciting new resources and opportunities for your caregroup.

Monday 14th September 12pm

Kaitiakitanga in Action – A cultural perspective.

Join us for the opening Regional Environment Network Session with our Key note speakers Elva Conroy and Dean Flavell from Makahae Marae. This will also mark the 1st day of Maori Language week! Makahae Marae is located at Te Kahika Pa, just east of Te Puke. Marae Committee members, Dean Flavell and Elva Conroy, will talk about what kaitiakitanga means, in a practical sense, and their role as kaitiaki. They’ll share examples of some of their environmental projects, including the many challenges along the way.

Tuesday 15th September 12pm

Maramataka in Conservation

Ko Matawhaura te maunga,Ko Te Rotoiti te moana,Ko Ngāti Pikiao te IwiKo Te Arawa te wakaKo Jade Kameta ahau,Systems Innovator for Healthy Families Rotorua“Tuia ki te rangi, tuia ki te whenua, tuia ki te moana, tuia ki te herenga tangata, ka rongo te pō ka rongo te ao” Jade will be talking ‘Maramataka’ and how connecting with the environment can influence the physical and spiritual performance of a person.

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Wednesday 16th September 12pm

Circular Economy in the Bay of Plenty
Glen Crowther has been Sustainable Business Network’s BOP Regional Manager for the past five years. He has worked for the past two decades in education, business and the community sector, and has learnt that the best way to apply sustainability principles is in the context of local communities and their needs. Glen believes that innovative businesses working closely with local communities can lead the transition to a new economic paradigm. He works with businesses and community networks in the Bay to help to facilitate that process.

Thursday 17th of September 12pm
An Introduction to The Cacophony Project
In this presentation Grant will introduce the not for profit Cacophony Project that is developing open source technology for bird and predator monitoring and predator control. This will include an update of their latest insights from their thermal cameras and a sneak peak of where they are going with their trap design.
Grant is a hopelessly addicted inventor. He has founded a number of companies including GlobalBrain.net (sold to NBCi), RealContacts (sold to Intel), SLI Systems (listed NZX) and Eurekster, YikeBike and PurePods. He is now having fun trying to help make NZ predator free with The Cacophony Project. He has also served on the board of The Foundation for Research Science and Technology, the New Zealand Government’s Venture Investment Fund and Canterbury Development Corporation. Grant has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Ecological Economics from the University.

Friday 18th of September 12pm

The Business of Doing Good; How to Work Together as an Ecosystem with Jo Allum

In this workshop we’ll touch on the following;
– creativity, critical and computational thinking
– initiative and resilience (being prepared and have the opportunity to try, to fail, to try again another way)
– being able to establish a portfolio of work with others, contributing fluidly amongst diverse teams (multi skilled/cultural/faceted/generational)
– being deeply interested in and developing unique specialisation in a domain
– developing personal relationships with communication, strategic, development and digital skills
– being committed to and excited about collaboration & life-long learning
It is anticipated participants intend to develop enterprises which solve worthy challenges to enhance life.
This is workshop is an introduction to things involved in the process of doing it.
Turn inspired ideas into meaningful realities with Venture Centre.

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Monday 21st of September 12pm
Know your Rats with Carolyn King
Two species of European commensal murids, the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the ship rat (R. rattus), have colonised New Zealand. Norway rats live mainly on the ground, and were hugely abundant in native forests throughout the North and South Is from the mid 18th to the mid 19th centuries, until widely replaced by ship rats. Ship rats are smaller than Norway rats and vulnerable to interference competition from them, but are much better climbers. We observed the climbing behaviour and ‘giving-up time’ of wild-caught captive rats searching for food at different heights above the ground, and at the unsupported ends of tree branches. Both could climb, but rattus were faster and more agile; norvegicus climbed awkwardly and fell more often. Our data confirmed that the smaller size and greater agility of R. rattus give it a competitive advantage in exploiting scattered small food items above the ground, assisted by the absence of specialist arboreal rodents (squirrels).

In 1999 Carolyn took a second PhD in religious studies, specialising in the interface between evolutionary biology and contemporary theology, resulting in a 2002 book Habitat of Grace. She has always enjoyed exploring the fascinating dialogue between science and serious, intelligent faith, and has run workshops and contributed many talks on this topic to the general public. She lives in a country house outside Hamilton. In formal contexts it is appropriate to use her full name, but in person she prefers her lifelong nickname.

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September 14, 2020
September 21, 2020
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