Bringing to you, with much Aroha, a weekly rally of awesome information and activities for you to do IN YOUR OWN HOME.

So, we get it! We have children at home, we know that there are times in the day, possibly multiple times in the day… when parents could do with some ideas to keep those inquisitive minds busy!

We will be posting daily on Facebook, under a weekly theme, and will have daily activities for you to do.  Things that you can do in your own backyard.

So, this week we are going to feature some of the beautiful birdlife of Aotearoa!

So how DO you find out more?

Tune in to our Facebook page and read up on each day’s information, our Website will have the framework for you to check in on.

Click on the daily title’s to watch exciting videos, learn interesting facts and more!

Week Seven

Envirohub Lockdown will spend our final week looking at the practical ways we can reduce waste, grow food, reduce our carbon footprint and live a life that is kinder to the earth.

If we have learnt anything from our Lockdown Life, it’s that we know what we can do without.

We know what we can DO, to make a difference.

We hope this weekly rally of environmental education has kept some young minds busy over the lockdown and also helped your family to live a little lighter on the planet!

Wednesdays Feature

Bee’s are incredibly important to our eco system, one third of the world’s food production relies on bees to pollinate it.
So what can we do to help them? Make sure your backyard is bee friendly of course! 🐝

Learn how to make a bug resort and play a fun bee game!

Tuesdays Feature

Worms, Glorious Worms!

Week Six

This week Envirohub Lockdown looks into the verifiable impact we have on our Environment, our Climate, our World. We will look at the simple and effective ways we can all make change.

We have all noticed the immense impact that our lack of ‘doing’, notably driving, has had on measurable carbon emissons. Can we consider making changes that we did in Lockdown, long lasting?

We know we can  …lets do it for the health of our entire planet.

Fridays Feature

Friday’s Envirohub Lockdown message is Plant Trees!

Thursday’s Feature

Thursday’s Envirohub Lockdown focus considers our consumption of Meat, what are our options here?

Our Wednesday Envirohub Lockdown focus is Buy Local! Some things to consider about growing your own food and supporting local Farmers Markets.

Tuesday’s Feature

Today we look at simple ways we can reduce our Electricity use!


Monday’s Feature

Drive and Fly Less!

Week Five

Treasures of Tangaroa

Friday’s Feature

Dear little Blue Penguin, Kororā.  Feisty inhabitant of the Bay of Plenty

Thursday’s Feature

Hectors Dolphins are endemic to Aotearoa, meaning they are only found here. 🐬
They are also a very threatened species due to fishing nets. Check out the story here and then play a game of Dolphin anatomy at the end!🌊
Thanks again to Nathan Pettigrew for the fantastic video footage!

Wednesday’s Feature

Today we celebrate Tohora – The Southern Right Whale. Back from the brink of extinction.

Tuesdays Feature

Orcas! The largest Dolphin species! 🐬
Hands up if you love them as much as we do! 🙌
They really are a majestic marine mammal and we are lucky they visit the Bay of Plenty quite frequently!
Check the story out above by clicking “Tuesdays Feature” and then complete some fun arts and crafts activities!

Underwater Sea 3D creation Printable PDF

How to Draw an Orca Printable PDF

Mondays Feature

This week we explore the treasures of Tangaroa, the beautiful and diverse creatures of the moana.
Today we reveal some facts about a local who many locals had the joy of observing swimming along Papamoa beach just last week.
Presenting, the Bronze Whaler/Kaihoko Pereki just click “Monday’s feature” above.

Week Four


Friday’s Feature

For the grand finale of Pests week, we of course must finish with Rats! 🐁
If you haven’t already received your free rat trap from Predator Free BOP then be sure to check out their website to find your local community leader.
You will be able to collect your trap once we are allowed to do so, in the meantime, learn all about them so you can be sure to trap as many as possible so we can see more native birds!🐦🦉

Thursdays Feature

Today we take a look at the larger pests in Aotearoa, Pigs and Deer! 🐗🦌
There is an activity from Department of Conservation to find insects in your garden- a good sign there are no feral pigs digging them up for dinner! 🦋🐌🐞

Invertebrate tally sheet Printable PDF

Wednesdays Feature

Today the Envirohub Lockdown pests are those sharp-toothed, super vicious little mustelids! Can you find out which mustelid is a good swimmer, which ones have bad eye sight during the day…do some extra research to learn more about these voracious pests!

Tuesdays Feature

The Possum is another marsupial originally from Australia- it is considered the biggest threat to Aotearoa’s natural environment with an estimated 30 million possums around the country! 😲
Download the iNaturalist NZ – Mātaki Taiao app or visit the website to upload your possum observations!

Monday’s Feature

This week on Envirohub Lockdown we look at Pests in the BOP.

Today we look at Wallabies. They win the prize for the cutest pest …. but boy do they have to go!

Week Three

Rangatira Trees

Thursday’s Feature

Using the information in this presentation, make you own little fact sheet about the beautiful Rimu! 

Wednesday’s Feature

The Tōtara is one of Aotearoa’s majestic giants! Learn all about this incredible tree and how to make leaf people! 🌳

Tuesday’s Feature

Today we look at our majestic Kauri, Rangatira of the Ngahere.

Monday’s Feature

Today we take a look at the Pōhutukawa tree- Aotearoa’s Christmas Tree! 🎄
Learn the lyrics to the ultimate Christmas song in Te Reo and English and all about this very special tree!

Week Two


Friday’s Feature

Today learn how to make your own beeswax wraps to reduce and eliminate the plastic wrap from your kitchen! 
Beeswax wraps are really easy to make and you can get super creative about them.

Thursdays Feature

Despite the plastic bag ban, there are still plenty of plastic bags floating around

Think rubbish bags, ziplock bags and produce bags to name a few.
Click the link above and learn how to bake your way out of this plastic mess with videos on how to make crisps and bread. Plus, you can create your own origami newspaper bin liner!

Wednesday’s Feature

Takeaway coffee cups

There are some brilliant initiatives going on, one project at a time, showing that we are all a part of making the change we want to see in the world.

Tuesdays Feature

Today we learn about why plastic straws suck, how to make your own paper straw and how to make a plastic straw free movement at your school!

Mondays Feature

Learn all about Plastics and also, the terrible plastic bottles! There are so many ways to rid plastic bottles from your life plus a “how to” to make your own shampoo bars.

Week One


Fridays Feature

Today we learn all about the lovable Kereru

Head to the Facebook page for a colouring in page!

Thursdays feature

Click on the title above for some interesting facts about Tiwaiwaka and afterwards colour in the is cute little one below. 

Fantail colouring in printable PDF

Wednesdays Feature

Learn all about Tui (and the very bright Tui named Woof Woof).

After that print off the bird survey sheets below, fill it in and then upload a photo of it to the comments of this Facebook post.

Bonus points for finding the birds which feature this week!

Tui Video

Printable Bird Survey

Also check out Predator Free BOP to learn how to make a Tui Garden Feeder!

Tuesday’s feature

Check out some interesting facts about Kiwi!