Envirohub and the Carbon Reduction group have approached the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Tauranga City Council candidates to provide their thoughts and answer a few questions around the Bay of Plenty’s future regarding Climate Change.

For the candidate’s full questionnaires please head to the bottom of the page

Please do not use this summary chart below in isolation of the candidate’s full answers. It is only to be used as an intro to the candidate’s responses

 We encourage you to use it as a preliminary guide before reading the candidates full responses. This chart shows the candidates responses in a visual format for the Climate Change mitigation questions only. Please scroll further to read these and view the candidate’s responses further.

Many candidates further explain their decisions and policies in the full questionnaire which will be a better reflection of their stance towards climate change.                                                                                                         

*Mayoral Candidate

Please note- Margaret Murray Benge filled in the Questionnaire twice

For the candidate’s full questionnaires please click on their names.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council 

Katie Anne Priscilla Paul

Matthew Farrell

Jenny Hobbs

Matemoana MacDonald

Jane Nees

Riki Nelson

Te Taru White

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Suaree Borell

Mark Dean

Stephen Fawcett

Anne Henry

Tangiwai Manihera-Palmer

Margaret Murray-Benge

Margaret Murray-Benge 2*

David Marshall

John Palmer

*Margaret Murray-Benge filled in the questionnaire twice

Tauranga City Council 

Geoffrey Brown

Greg Brownless

Kelvin Clout

Rick Curach

Peter Gregson

Caleb Hall

Andrew Hollis

Heidi Hughes

Anna Larsen

Joseph Nagels

Jako Obrie

Tenby Powell

Suzie Paige

John Robson

Tina Salisbury

Joshua Paul Te Kani

RangiMarie TeAmopui-Kaa Kingi

Waitsu Wu