We all love our mother’s and we all love trees! Envirohub and Geoff Canham Consulting are teaming up, to team up these two loves. Join us for a planting extravaganza like no other to celebrate Mother’s Day. We have 6,000 native trees, that we are going to get planted in 6 hours to celebrate Mother’s Day and Mother Nature this Autumn. We invite you to do something different this Mother’s Day and give a gift that will last and last.

We appreciate, that whilst you love your mother, and love trees, that that love may not necessarily extend to planting trees. Envirohub and Geoff Canham Consulting are all about positive outcomes and innovative solutions and ensuring everyone is happy and green and able to sleep well at night… so you can either plant the tree(s) yourself, or we can plant the tree(s) for you. It really couldn’t be simpler.
Give something that your Mother will really feel good about this Mother’s Day, and get Mother’s Day sorted today, and our environment helped out for the future.

Geoff Canham Consulting


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